The 25th Annual Musicians’ Picnic

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The MusiCares MAP Fund

     MusiCares developed the MusiCares MAP Fund as a pool of resources set aside specifically to address addiction and recovery needs. Named for the Musicians' Assistance Program, the fund represents the joint goal of MAP and MusiCares to provide members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial condition.

     The MusiCares MAP Fund acknowledges that a vital part of recovery consists of ongoing support and sound aftercare services. Group support is an essential component to successful recovery. Historically there have been three support groups offered at the Hollywood site for MusiCares MAP Fund clients. Facilitated by qualified Addiction Recovery Specialists, these groups provide a safe environment and additional support to clients addressing addiction issues. The groups are 60 – 90 minutes in length and occur on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. All MusiCares MAP Fund groups are free of charge. Groups are mandatory for current MAP Fund clients but are voluntary for alumni and other music industry professionals interested in additional support.

     MusiCares began the establishment of a recovery network service approximately five years ago. It was created to identify music people who are in recovery and are willing to offer their support to others going through the recovery process. The network consists of individuals nationwide who will provide a touring musician with support via meeting them at an airport, providing hospitality, confidential support and/or transportation to and from a 12-step meeting. We are currently in the process of expanding this resource and compiling the participant information on an electronic database, which will be easily accessible to all our Health and Human Service staff.


     The Timmins Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in the memory of Bob Timmins, whose work in alcohol and drug rehabilitation changed countless lives. The Timmins Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance to adolescents and young adults in need of treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, with the goal of bridging the gap between what individuals are able to pay and the actual cost of treatment.


     The Annual Musicians’ Picnic choice of concert location did not happen by accident. For over 75 years the nationally accredited non-profit Rancho San Antonio has been recognized as a leading residential treatment facility & multi-service agency serving at risk adolescent boys who are often juvenile offenders placed there by the courts. Specialized drug treatment and sex offender programs, as well as responsibility training, value clarification and life recovery services, are offered through daily group therapy, family treatment and situational counseling. The largest portion of the Picnic’s production expenses go to the Rancho for venue rental, food preparation and service. The young "clients" are allowed to attend our event by helping with food and cleanup operations. The beautiful park-like grounds accommodate up to 10,000, and we feel it is a terrific win/win situation.


     Hospitals & Institutions are committees comprised of members of 12-step groups that carry the message of recovery to alcoholics and addicts in hospitals, prisons, halfway houses, treatment centers, juvenile centers and more. The purpose of an H&I meeting is to bring the message of recovery and the basics of recovery to alcoholics and addicts that do not have access to regular 12-step meetings. Sober Musicians Fundraiser Inc. provides books and literature to give, at no charge, to confined alcoholics and addicts.

       Hotline: (818) 319-3383

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